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Social Security Disability Lawyer in Atlanta

Benefits Provided by Social Security Disability

Many people wonder why they would need an Atlanta Social Security disability lawyer to claim benefits that they are entitled to receive. This is a very valid question. The simplest and most honest answer is that it is effective to do so. Our nation has a population of over 300 million. The amount of applicants for disability has risen dramatically over the years and the number of staff that are processing these claims has not risen proportionately. Unfortunately, the system is not as efficient as we would like and, there are many who apply that are not qualified. In their efforts to keep up, they miss facts or applications submitted are incomplete and do not clearly reflect the facts of the case. This adds time and frustration for all concerned.

Atlanta Social Security Attorney: Obtaining Disability Benefits

SSD benefits are insurance benefits that are adminis tered by the Federal government to eligible Americans. Workers pay into the program through Social Security taxes. In addition to SSD benefits, the government also provides benefits through Supplemental Security Income, which has different eligibility requirements. To qualify for SSD benefits, you must meet the requirements. The application and appeals process can be daunting for many disabled Americans. We understand the difficult position that you are in and we focus our practice on providing the help you need to increase your chances of approval in a more timely manner than if you were to proceed on your own. We know the system well through our over 40 years in practice. We know how to get results within a heavily bureaucratic system. We can be tough and aggressive when necessary, but we are always personable and friendly with our clients. We are your advocate.

For help with your application or appeal for benefits, contact an Atlanta Social Security disability benefits attorney at McElreath & Stevens, LLC.

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