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SSD Benefit Denial in Atlanta

What to do About Denied SSD Benefits

The denial rates at the various stages of the SSD process are startling. For example, about 65% of the initial applications for Social Security disability benefits are denied. The percentage increases to 87% denial after the first appeal. That's considerably more than half. Many seem confused by this figure but there are several reasons why it is so high.

Over the past few decades, the number of applications received by the SSA has greatly increased. Many of these claims are correctly denied, as the applicants are not eligible per the qualifying conditions established by the SSA. In addition, the number of SSA staff processing these claims has not grown in the same proportions as the number of applications being received. One can only assume that the load must be significant, which probably adds to the denial of claims that are lacking significant evidence of disability.

An Atlanta Social Security disability attorney from our firm has more than four decades of experience successfully navigating huge bureaucracies in the government and insurance companies. We know how to get results and have successfully assisted thousands to obtain their deserved benefits.

Atlanta SSD Benefit Denial Lawyer

When the disabled use our services from the beginning of the process, we can often eliminate much time and greatly enhance the probability of approval. We know what is looked for in these applications, the most efficient ways of tracking progress and we can take steps to greatly reduce waiting times. For those of you who have already begun the process and are appealing the claim, we can help tremendously. The second appeal, or hearing step, is your best chance of getting your claim approved. 64% of appeals at this stage are approved. We strongly encourage you to use the services of one of our attorneys at this step. We will not only prepare you so you can speak confidently with the Administrative Law Judge on your case, but we can attend the hearing with you to help present your case in the clearest and most favorable light.

Has your disability claim been denied one or more times? Contact an Atlanta SSD lawyer at Stevens & Sullivan, LLC today.

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